Icelandic Mondays With Amaba Dama

Amaba Dama 2

It’s been feeling a bit nippy out lately, huh?

Well I have something that will warm your bones this week. Ehum, I said BONES not bone…

I will be leaving for Iceland in about two days to start my second Airwaves adventure, I am going to be gone for just over a week but I have programmed some posts to keep you guys company while I am gone, aren’t I the nicest!?

This Monday I have for you, Amaba Dama. Amaba Damamamama… (just try saying that 10 times fast!) is a reggae group that perform reggae in Icelandic. One thing I noticed on my Airwaves adventure last year, is that Icelanders really love Reggae and Funk. Why? Probably because it is damn cold there and this music is the cure!

This sounds so weird at first but just give them a quick listen and they actually sound so good! If you aren’t concentrating on the lyrics it almost sounds like genuine reggae from the islands (Caribbean to be precise).


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