Icelandic Mondays With Ásgeir


Ásgeir [Trausti] is our man for this Monday’s Icelandic Mondays. I don’t know about you but it has been a cold, slow start to the week so hopefully our friend Ásgeir can brighten our week.

Ásgeir is a singer who has been breaking through to Icelandic and international audiences for some time now. Just this year he performed in Toronto a few times (I believe). He is considered to be a folk singer but judging from his newer songs I would categorize him more as Pop/Funk. He is well-known in Iceland, previously using the name Ásgeir Trausti band, recently simplifying it to just Ásgeir as he continues to change and gain more success overseas.

His voice is reminiscent of a Jamiroquai that takes his time to say what he needs to say, or even of a newly-partnered Pharrell/Daft Punk combo but with a lot more soul. But just remember ladies before you start swooning, this man is a 90s baby so don’t go robbing the cradle.

Ásgeir’s new album In the Silence comes out October 28th and is available for pre-order now.


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