Best Band Name Ever: Top Less Gay Love Tekno Party


Over the past couple of days this band has been tearing up my news feeds on various social media platforms. Catchy band name aside I thought I would share what information I have found out about the band (because it is actually quite difficult to find information on them).

Top Less Gay Love Tekno Party is Canadian and from BC. It looks like the BC natives have been around for a while and have quite the following in that province. They are coming out with an album soon (not sure when).

Here is their very own bio:

Somewhere in the depths of space, from the gay future, there glides a sparkling spaceship carrying six ambassadors from a planet whose inhabitants have spent eight hundred years preparing them for this mission. Handcutting 5 cubic millitonnes of glitter, and teaching them the last translation of the symphonic manifesto for gay galaxy enlightenment.

Through black holes and sparkle dust storms they have traveled tirelessly to get to Earth, a world in desperate need of gay answers.  Armed with powerful weapons of mass sextruction, these unlikely heroes have come to bring glamour and sexy to the world of evenings.  Though their most powerful medium is sound, they transcend any one worldly sensation, providing joy to all human senses simultaneously. 

Now they’re here to deliver their message.  “It’s always your birthday” and Top Less Gay Love Tekno Party is here to celebrate with you. – CBC Music

So there you have it… They are actually gay aliens from the future to give us Earthlings the gay answers we so desperately need and deserve.

Recently, Shad (Canadian Hip Hop star, check out his most recent video on YouTube), sat down with TGLTP to see what these gay aliens are really about. Check out the interview here.


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