CSS Performs To A Small But Enthusiastic Crowd


On July 4th, Cansei de Ser Sexy a.k.a CSS, performed to a half-filled Virgin Mobile Mod Club in Toronto. In a last minute venue change, the band moved from The Opera House to the Mod Club to accommodate the lack of numbers. But it has to be said that the people who did come out to the show were true fans.

Honestly, with lower numbers the show was a lot more fun and intimate. They were about to dedicate their song I Love You to all the single ladies in the crowd when they started a conversation with a guy in the back, his friend ditched him, so they decided to dedicate The Hangout to him, Danny.

After playing their last song the crowd cheered unanimously for them to play another song, as loud as a packed crowd. They came back on and performed Frankie Goes To North HollywoodAlala, and and awesome rap: I’ve Seen You Drunk Girl (track below).

Despite their probably diminished fan base due to their new, more mature, less chaotic sound, CSS still has hardcore fans that are REALLY in love with them. So let’s just make love and listen to Death from Above…?

I’ve Seen You Drunk Girl



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