DANIELS Put Images To Music


Normally I write about artists and musicians but let’s take a minute to talk about some people who work with artists behind the scenes to brilliantly portray an artist’s message; putting sound to image.

DANIELS are made up of not one, but two Daniels: Daniel Kwon and Daniel Scheinert. They studied 3D animation in Boston and specialize in creating magical scenes to go along with amazing tunes. I first heard of them in 2010 with their release of Underwear for the Icelandic group, FM Belfast. Most recently, and more well-known, is their video for Passion Pit for their newest single: Cry Like a Ghost.

Watch the video below and watch the enchantment unfold before your very own eyes…

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/62794367 w=800&h=500]


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