In Concert: The Elwins @ The Horseshoe Tavern

The Elwins

Rocking out with The Elwins on a Saturday night, what did you do this weekend?

The Elwins have just come off a tour with Born Ruffians and decided to stop by The Horseshoe to celebrate the release of their new 7″ featuring tracks: ‘Forgetful Assistance’ and ‘Countdown’. And yes… The second track is a Beyoncé cover, and a damn good one! Watch the video below.

Old-man-me was getting pretty tired, there were four bands opening before the main act but the guys finally took the stage and infused the crowd with their classic, fun times energy.

And it definitely cannot go without saying, as well as having an amazing voice and talent, the guys were also impeccably dressed. Can I have your hand-me-downs?

Don’t forget that you can also check them out too at their ALL-AGES party at Urban Outfitters. Get the info here.


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