CMW 2013: Jesuslesfilles, Misteur Valaire, and More…


These acts were by far the funnest (err… most fun?) acts of CMW 2013! So without further ado, here are some rad, high-energy bands, you must check out!

The Beards

On Saturday afternoon (morning for most of us CMW goers) I went to meet some friends at The Horseshoe for the Aussie BBQ; an event with lots of Aussie bands and of course free food! Don’t worry there was no kangaroo.

The Beards are a group of men prejudiced against naked-faced people. These guys literally have three albums all about beards. The concert was filled with songs about: dumping your girlfriend because she wants you to trim your beard, having a dad with no beard so in essence having two moms, and knowing people who didn’t have beards and therefore died because of it. This group is hilarious, rubbing their beards with other bearded men in the audience, it was a fun show to watch while hungover.

Misteur Valaire 

Misteur Valaire is a high-powered, electro-jazz, with a touch of hip-hop group from Montréal, QC.

They involve their audience in the concert and create an enthusiastic energy in the crowd. This group was so much fun. Plus, they have made a song with Bran Van 3000 – who even knew he was still around!?


Jesuslesfilles is a post-punk, garage band also from Montréal. I missed these guys when I was in Iceland for Airwaves and I had to catch them since they were in town. While everyone else was going to see Suuns, I was watching these guys blow the house away at The Silver Dollar and I am so glad I did. They were one of the top performances of my week at CMW.

Check out the photos and music videos below!


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