CMW 2013: Peter Peter, The Besnard Lakes, and More…

Peter PeterIn this post I will be featuring acts mainly from Montréal/Québec.

First up, I would like to say a huge thank you to BRBR for putting together such a well-organized and entertaining showcase. Please, please, please check this blog out. They consistently post music from amazing Francophone artists and put together terrific live session videos that you can view on their blog and on their Youtube account.

Karim Ouellet

Karim spent his life living between Canada, Senegal, Rwanda, and Tunisia. He lives in Québec where he creates his music. It is lighthearted, friendly, and fun, using varying types of instruments commonly used in some of the countries he’s lived in.

He currently has two albums out.

The Besnard Lakes

Reigning from Montréal, The Besnard Lakes are another great Canadian indie group; and why wouldn’t they be!? Their talent comes from years of experience in other acclaimed Canadian indie acts like Stars and The Dears.

These guys are pros.

Worth mentioning: my friend and I were completely caught off guard by an elderly man with a cane who was absolutely losing it at this show. He literally grabbed his face and told us: “I am going crazy right now!” and asked my friend to hold his cane while he rocked out front row.

Peter Peter

Peter Peter comes from Québec but is based in Montréal. Peter Peter started to catch people’s attention in 2011 with his self-titled album, and is catching even more people’s attention with his most recent release: ‘Une version amélioréé de la tristesse’.

If it ain’t the music you love, you might love his pretty face. This CMW, is the CMW I fell in love.

If you know Peter, give him my number for me will ya?  😉

Photos and videos below!


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