CMW 2013: Wildlife, PS I Love You, and More…


Continuing on my CMW post rampage here are some bands that I didn’t go specifically out to see, some good, some bad, and guitar heavy:


A well known Toronto indie “rawk” band. They drew quite the crowd but it wasn’t really what I am into to…

PS I Love You 

Toronto staple… Nobody came to their show! 😦

The show was somewhat subdued due to this fact, I think. Still an awesome show and my first time seeing the boys live.

The Strumbellas

What a lovely surprise these boys were! I got to see them perform at the Horseshoe on Thursday night. They bring a lot of creative energy and enthusiasm to the table. They are regular performers around Toronto and you should definitely check them out if you are looking for a lighthearted good time.

The Gay Nineties 

I didn’t even know who these people were before CMW. A friend and I decided we weren’t done partying yet and decided to meander drunkenly over to the El Mocambo to check this show out at something like 2AM     (I don’t remember, I was wasted).

It wasn’t the kind of “gay” I thought it would be but hey! We can’t all get what we want.. as Mick Jagger would say. They performed on a stage lit up with tube lights and electric palm trees that synthesized the feeling of summer, which is a definite plus on this super chilly Canadian Music Week.

More bands to come…


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