CMW 2013: @ Cabin5

What a crazy week it was, last week at Canadian Music Week 2013. I have tonnes of photos to go through that I will be sharing with you throughout the week this week.

But first up is this band is bound to be one of 2013’s up-and-comers. Nate Daniels (lead vocals/guitar) has a hypnotizing voice that is soulful with a bit of a country twang that I kinda like. It also doesn’t hurt that he is good looking! also performed at the Iceland Naturally showcase at The Hoxton, the only non-Icelandic band to perform.

They performed at a cute little venue called Cabin5 that was really hard to find (entrance is in a back alley) but it was worth the trouble getting there.

If you have a chance to catch this group before they explode, I strongly recommend it!


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