Magneta Lane Unleash ‘Witchrock’ at The Rivoli

Magneta Lane - WitchrockValentine’s schmalentines. What were you doing this Valentine’s day? Eating an over-priced meal at a pretentious restaurant thinking about how uncomfortable the sex is going to be on a full stomach of escargot and oysters? Well my friend you were in the wrong place!

This Valentine’s day the lovely ladies of Magneta Lane came together to give Toronto some love and to get some love in return for their new album ‘Witchrock’. They delivered the Witchrock, that’s for sure. In case you didn’t know, the girls have created a new genre for themselves under the name of their new album. Lexi (vocals/guitar) announced to the crowd in the middle of the concert her appreciation for the crowd coming out and her appreciation for music and what it gives everyone by shouting out to the crowd that it didn’t matter if it was “Indie rock or Witchrock” we all can appreciate a little music and the powers it has to help us and heal us.

Personally, I had a great time singing along and dancing to the band.

Favourite track: Burn


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