In Concert: Radio Radio combat contre la neige à Toronto

Radio Radio

Despite the huge dumping of snow on the east coast, Radio Radio braved the weather and made the long drive from Gatineau to Toronto to perform at The Garrison on Friday, Febraury 8th. And despite the weather being less than hospitable (it was very hard to get anywhere, even downtown), a decent sized crowd came out to give the guys a good welcome to the city.

They came on 2-3 hours late due to the snow but everyone was in the same boat [snowmobile?] and were very understanding. Radio Radio attracted a pretty big francophone crowd to the stage, which is always nice to see in a largely anglophone community.

D-Track opened for the guys, playing their signature songs as well as some fun French covers of classic English hip-hop songs.

Even though they braved a long journey to get here, Radio Radio put on an amazing show, playing a lot of their new songs and their old hits too! Warming up the crowd on a cold, blustery night, it was a pleasure to see these guys perform.

Photos and music video below:


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