Tegan and Sara Release New Album ‘Heartthrob’


Today is the day! Tegan and Sara have released their 7th studio album entitled ‘Heartthrob’ and with a name like that I am sure it is going to be an exciting, and popular, album!

The album has been available by stream on Soundcloud (look below) for a while now so I have been anticipating this release for a while. What I love most about this album is their progression from the 90s to the present. I have a feeling that many fans will be critical of this album due to it’s dance-pop feel, but why hold that against them? As artists they are always evolving and it is refreshing to not here the same song over and over again. In this case change should be embraced (sometimes change is not good).

Read this interview by Rolling Stone to get more background on the album!

Also below: interview of T&A with Andy Samberg.

Listen below and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!


One thought on “Tegan and Sara Release New Album ‘Heartthrob’

  1. I never really closely followed Tegan and Sara. The last song that I can recall from them is Feel It in My Bones which seems like a precursor to what they would be doing now. I find that their vocals now are a lot smoother which fits the whole pop sound. I like it.

    I think it’s interesting how some artists’ career end up in the pop world and how pop artists remain in their own domain, or if they do branch out, they aren’t successful.

    I guess once you go pop, you can’t stop.


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