Iceland Airwaves 2012: Canadians and more…

The Barr Brothers at Harpa

Hey now, let us not forget all the amazing Canadian talent that came out and participated at Iceland Airwaves.

Hanging out in Reykjavik was a lot like hanging out in Toronto. What with all the Canadians running around and all the great Canadian bands playing while we were there. Here are some Canadian and non-Canadian bands that deserve mention.

Honourable mention to PASSWORDS who also were at Airwaves.

The Barr Brothers at Harpa
The Barr Brothers are a folk band from Montréal. They are inventive, creative, and fun – they have a harp player! Brad Barr who plays vocals and guitar in the group, uses sewing thread to create interesting noises with his acoustic guitar blended together with the piano and harp to create an amazing [mostly] strings quartet.
Photo: Tim Georgeson
Half Moon Run is another band that there is a lot of hype around. I hear people saying this is going to be one of the next big bands. I don’t know if that will be the case but they are a talented group that is definitely worth your attention. A couple guys from Ontario and BC that mix folk with modern and classic rock, they have a little bit for any avid rock enthusiast.
Me and My Drummer at Harpa
Me and My Drummer are another great surprise act from Airwaves that I saw perform in a little side café/bar no less. This group is not Canadian, they come from the coolest country on the planet – Germany. Beautiful vocals accompanied with a keyboard and a set of drums, this group keeps it simple. If you want to get chills check them out.

Check out my video from Airwaves on YouTube!

Also worth noting is this amazing venue they got to perform in (below)!

Boogie Trouble at Harpa
OKAY! So I had to mention one more band from Iceland! This group is called Boogie Trouble and much like a lot of Icelandic bands these days, they are funk-inspired and first of all fun.Give them a listen below to hear Icelandic and fun music to dance to.

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