Wolf Parade’s Spencer Krug as Moonface

I stumbled upon this today on my journey through the internetz.
If you loved Wolf Parade and feel an emptiness inside your soul where Wolf Parade used to reside, then I offer this gem to you. Spencer Krug, former member of said group, has come out with a debut EP ‘Marimba and Shit-drums’ under the name of Moonface.
Moonface: Dreamland EP – Marimba and shit-drums
The EP is an 18 minute long track that uses the marimba and I guess maybe some drums made out of shit? Let’s hope not.
You can download the Dreamland EP for free from this website: https://www.scdistribution.com/moonface/. It asks for a donation but you can be cheap like me and just put $0.00 and get it for free.
A great track to listen to whilst chilling on a thunderstormy summer day, as seems to be the trend thus far this summer in Toronto…
And here is another track ‘Fast Peter’, sounds slutty!

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