In Concert: Toronto Loves Lykke Li

What a beautiful concert!


For those of you that missed it, you really did miss out. Lykke Li is magical to see live and I feel blessed to have seen her at least this once. It felt like I was watching a movie, but in this case it was real, live magic taking place before all of our eyes.


I loved how emotionally connected she was to her music. At some points it looked like she was on the verge of tears…. Or maybe she was just having an off day.


She not only performed songs we all know and love, but also an unreleased track that didn’t make the album, a cover of Pink, and an instrumental cover of The Knife.


Every subtle movement she made was breathtaking. The whole crowd was entranced as witch-like Lykke Li cast her spell upon us (I don’t care if it sounds cheesy, you probably weren’t there. You don’t know! OKAY!?). And as we know Toronto is a hard crowd to win over, so there must have been some magic in the air, or maybe that was the pot…


Videos and photos below:





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