In Concert: CSS is Back and Sexier Than Ever!!!

….and BAM! Just like that CSS (No, not Cascading Style Sheet – Cansei de ser sexy!) the Brazilian electro-rock babes are back on the scene. I was very fortunate to get the opportunity to see them at the Sound Academy VIP thanks to raymitheminx!
On the other hand though….. I did have to see Sleigh Bells again for the third time. I wish I didn’t have to endure them every time I wanted to see a band I like. Oh well, the good news is the singer did not lip sync and after a rough start showed some improvement on past times that I have seen them. Oh well, I suppose everyone needs a good dose of crappy sound and insane strobe lights pulsating in your irises.
Back to the good news. After Sleigh Bells left, and the Sleigh Bells fanbase exodus took place, we were ready to have fun with the solid crew of people that came to see CSS perform. I have loved this wonderful group since 2007, just sayin’. So I was appreciating. The lead singer is so fucking cute you just wanted to jump up on stage and hug her so tight her eyeballs would explode and lick her cheeks….. But that would have got me put in jail, so I watched enthusiastically from the side.
In case you didn’t know. CSS is coming out with their new album in July and it is expected to be super awesome (in my personal opinion), they are due to come back to Toronto in October and I expect to be there when they come back and so should you if you know what’s good for you!


Here is an fantastical video I took of last nights performance:
Here is my favouritist (yeah I am just making words up today) music video of CSS from a couple years ago:

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