Canadian Music Week: Berlin Brides and DVAS

Berlin Brides at Painted Lady – 03/11/11
On Friday March 11th, nearing the climax and near finish of Canadian Music Week, I had the amazing opportunity to see Berlin Brides once again. The last time was at Indie Music Week where the turn out was horrible due to lack of advertizing of the event around the city, in my humble opinion.   

So my friend and I got the chance to see them, it was my friend’s first time and also her who told me about the band in the first place. The venue was a way better choice for the hot girl duo from Athens, Greece. I could have talked to them, but frankly I don’t know what to say to people in bands other than…. “Hey, I like your music!” After that I am at a loss… But after their amazing set that really got us started for the night, I built up the courage to tell them they did a great job. I just wish I had bought their vinyl that they were selling for Pay-What-You-Can!  They looked pretty tired that night, but still an amazing show and a great starter for my Canadian Music Week.

If you haven’t checked these girls out you really should, they are hot bitches.

On a sidenote, we also saw DVAS (Dietzche V. and the Abominable Snowman), a group compromised of people from Edmonton, Toronto and Montréal. 
Check them out they are pretty nifty.
Berlin Brides – Hit & Run:

DVAS – Society:


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